Proper Storage for Taste Integrity

tea stored at 5°C

All our premium green teas and green style oolongs have been stored at 5°C* before shipping. This is to maintain freshness for these teas, on which their taste integrity is dependent.

Other teas at 24°C for non-interference for their maturity. 

Always store your tea with the containing package well fastened to avoid air slipping in. Put it in a cool, dry place away from strong light. 

In case you have purchased our premium green tea or green style tieguanyin and would not use it for some time, store it in the fridge until you are ready to open and consume it. Better yet, let the package sit in room temperature for at least 2 hours before opening. Finish any open package within 4 weeks of opening. Do not put an open pack back in the fridge again.

*We have adjusted our storage temperature after some studies and decided this lower version.

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