Optimal Packaging

Ample packaging is needed for safe-keeping of quality. On the other hand, we think we should be environmental conscious to be humble and restrained in the use of materials.

Presenting Tea Hong's kraft paper line of packing.

Kraft-alu Pack

Our standard brown paper bag for packaging the tea — the kraft-alu pack — is made from wood pulp produced to the standard of FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, to ensure both quality and environmental responsibility. The aluminum foil lining and the bag production complies with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP. In another word, our tea is packed in the most reliable industry standard.
iso 9001iso 22000 haccp certificationFSC logo

Kraft Caddy

4-caddies setDue to criticism of redundancy in the use of extra materials in the packaging of our Kraft caddy line, we are deploying another pack format as replacement. The new Premium Alu Zippable is composed of a food grade sealable laminate with a thick layer of aluminum for superior protection of the content. Please do write to us in case you have any opinion within these few months of the probation for this new material before we finalise on it. The Kraft caddy format is displaced with immediate effect. 

Kraft Cube

teaware cube box and shipping carton As for the tea accessories, our kraft cubes hold them inside cushioned with shredded paper*. Shredded paper is one of most effective protective packing materials, comparable to molded pulp. It is superior than the latter for minimizing recycling carbon footprint and therefore a lot more environmental friendly. Furthermore, it is much more cost efficient! Lowering of unnecessary cost is one reason why we can offer our products at such reasonable prices.

Some of of tea accessaries come in the manufacturer's set box.

*Reuse is the better alternative to recycle in environmental conservation. Click <here> to read more about it from an organization who is more an expert in this. We have limited our shredded paper supply to purely office documents and direct marketing mail for hygene.

Tea Hong Kraft Pack
FSC logo on the bottom of the pack
aluminum lining on the interior of the kraft alu pack
Food grade PE bag inside kraft caddy