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Shipping for Your Order

Larger orders and teaware are shipped with additional outer cartons for better protection.

Larger orders and teaware are shipped with additional outer cartons for better protection. 

Buying from us is easy. Just register with your delivery address and every time you click a product into the shopping cart, the shipping fees will be calculated for you. You can register more than one delivery address, so sometimes you can buy for yourself and sometimes for your family and friends. The fees will be displayed only on confirmation of delivery address when you check out, so you can change your idea of where you send the parcel to and have an accurate total budget dispalyed immediately in front of you. 

By Air or by Sea?

By default, we ship by air so you get your order quickly. However, there is also the option for shipping by sea ( surface mail ) for budget. Shipping by sea is great when the weight of your order is high. For example, when you have ordered some teaware or large bulks of tea meant for maturing.

If you have ordered green tea, or a green or bouquet style oolong, shipping by air is the way to go. You need to minimize the exposure to heat to these delicate fine teas.

Either way is display for you when you check out. You are free to switch anytime before you press the "confirm order" button.

It's Value for Your Money Afterall

Since April 5 2015, we have finished restructuring the database for calculating shippings fees. We are able to more finely zoned the postal charges related to your destination and the actual weight of the parcel. Sending your order has never been more budget efficient. 

Shipping charge is lowered even more for these countries

In this re-structuring, we have also employed Hong Kong Post's ec-ship process. If you are in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, United Kingdom or United States, which have special agreements with Hong Kong Post, you will see even greater savings. 

Cost is transparent rather than taking out from the quality of the product

Unlike other online shops, we have not marked up with a hefty margin to cover for so-called free shipping. This way, you always have the best tea for each dollar you spent. 

The most cost efficient shipping for smaller orders is below 1.5kg~2kg, dependent on your address. Increments are constant for each additional 500g after 2kg. If you are a registered customer, keep an eye on your mailbox from time to time for free shipping coupons!

Award winning shipping service

We consign all shipping of consumer orders and smaller scale wholesale to the services by Hong Kong Post, which distinguishes itself from other government organizations by operation on a "trading fund" scheme, making itself responsible for its own profit and loss. It has the benefits of both worlds: efficient services of a successful business and reliable and reasonable costs of a good government body. The many international best service awards, in direct competition with other commercial operations, are concrete proofs of that.

Delivering your order ASAP

Once we confirm your order, it will normally be sent within 24 hours when landing on a working day. ( Please be aware of the time difference, public holidays in Hong Kong, and the post office hour that we have to work with ) Normally it takes about 5~14 days for the parcel to reach you afterwards (Less for customers in Hong Kong or nearby areas). You will be furnished with a parcel tracking number after your order is sent so you can check the shipping status at anytime. There are some locations that may take a little longer because of various different local postal conditions.

For wholesale and larger scale exports, we work with various carriers and shippers to design the most effcient and economical arrangement for you.

Free Shipping

Free shipping for Hong Kong! 

Customers in Hong Kong: Shipping is FREE for any purchase over HKD 300 (USD 40)! Otherwise, it is only HKD 28 (USD 3.8) with the excellent service by Hong Kong Post. 

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