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Set of 4 Kraft caddies

Those who know about finer teas buy from us not only for the highest quality, but also for the great values. We fix our prices to be competitive with other providers of comparable quality anywhere in the world, including those in Hong Kong or China.

One key for you to compare pricing is not through comparing it against tea names, but rather the quality delivered. Take the white tea White Peony for example. Our foundation quality White Peony Canary is 5.4 USD for 30 grams. It is historically and technically a grade 1 spring harvest. In other teashops even in its original country China, the quality is sold as a special grade or superior grade for 10 to 50% more. Some even call it Mu Dan Wang — King of White Peony. Most with similar names in internet shops in other countries are from a category of lower tier products: Sou Mei, which is a whole lot lower in cost. Their similar appearance with White Peony easily decieves the untrained eye. Our superior quality such as White Peony Classic Floral or White Peony Classic Long are rarely available, and if you ever find them in another shop with whatever names, it will be at a much higher markup.

Those who understand real quality recognize our value. That is why our core clients and customers stay with us. Some have been for more than a decade, as early as the first year Leo was in business.    

The key in keeping quality up and prices down

Our practice of buying directly from family based smaller farmers and producers not only means lower costs but also higher quality. We know where to avoid and who to go to, and have already established the rapport. 

Still, that is only one facet of the picture. The major reason for our competitive pricing is a conscientious effort in maintaining a lower margin. We have learned that from a client who is a famous Swiss department store. "Optimum margin" — they believe — allows the space for mutual benefits between the seller and the consumer. This is of utmost importance in the increasingly information transparent world today.

Although we have been in the tea trade for so long, the internet shop is still a new area for us. Hence it is not an easy decision to keep such a low margin, but we are betting on your return patronage. We believe in the ability of the customer to differentiate. We believe that true quality would ultimately be recognized and appreciated.

Our mother tongue Cantonese has a great expression for this — 唔怕貨比貨 最怕唔識貨. It roughly translates as "We fear not of comparison; but of ignorance." 

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