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A Few Ways to Select a Tea

picking a teaInformation to all of our teas can be accessed through any one of the three main menus: 

When you get to any of the teas, a brief background info next to the tea picture, together with a taste profile and infusion tips under it will hopefully give you a better understanding of the product. There are also a few icons to tell you more about the tea:

Infusion Color 

Dark amberBurgundyCanary yellowGoldLemon yellowDark rosewoodMorning sun yellowMaple syrup
We referenced the color of a tea when it is infused at the international tasting standard (also known as the British Tasting Standard). In reality, different teas give a huge varieties of shades and tones. We have generalized the range with the eight colors above to make it easier for everyone. Please note that the infusion color of a tea vary when there is deviation from the infusion standard, water quality (for example, heavier mineral contents), or the storage condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Character Indicator 

TCM ColdTCM CoolTCM Neutral-coolTCM NeutralTCM Neutral-warmTCM Warm
This is for those who have some very basic understanding of the TCM warm-cool energy concept in things for ingestion. Please note that this indication is quite accurate only under normal consumption situation. Tea turned cold, cold-infused tea, or drinking in abnormal amount will in various degree affect the tea’s relative character. The TCM character to each selection is actually a lot more complicated than the realm of warm-cool definition. However, this is a good basis to start to choose a tea most suitable for the individual.

Class Indicator 

Connoisseur ClassChrysanthemum classDelta classTaichi classTrinity classOmega class
Our basic quality begins as very fine teas. For example, our great value White Peony Zhenghe is often labelled as “Special Select” or “Supreme” in teashops in Hong Kong or China. Few carry this level in the West. To us, this is only where we begin the quality climb in our selections. Most of the better quality tea in our range have never been tasted (or even heard of) outside of small circles in the Far East. We have to find a way to communicate the greater quality levels of our whole tea range. That is why it begins with the class Connoisseur, because it aptly describe the status of quality this class as compared to those carried by others. While some customers may choose to enjoy a cup from the Delta class from time to time, their daily mug maybe made of the Chrysanthemum or Connoisseur class. Very demanding palates may find their love only in the Taichi or even Trinity class and stick with them all the time. For the really special occasions, there is the prestigious Omega class of extreme rarity and quality.

The icon is also printed on the product package label.


Great value!Staff pickTea Master's Choice

When we indicate a tea as a Tea Master’s Choice it means that our tea master Leo Kwan drinks the tea either all the time or quite frequently; when Staff Pick, the tea is most popularly internally. All of our products are price competitive for the quality, but some are extremely so; they are marked with the Great Value icon. 

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