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Payment Security

Internet banking

As a professional specialist in fine tea, we believe there are strong reasons to rely on the best specialists in their own fields. That is why we rely on those you trust the most in transaction security for your personal payment information — when you buy from us, you pay through either your bank or PayPal — you do not need to type in any of your financial security data in our website. In terms of data security, we couldn't possibly be as good as them!

Bank Transfer: the security of your bank

If you choose to pay through the interface of your bank, simply proceed to check out your shopping cart and progress to the page where all payment instruction is listed for you, including the transaction number, the transaction amount and our bank account information for you to transfer the fund to. An email with these details would be sent to the email address you have registered with us.

If you use internet banking, simply login and do the transfer in the secure environment of your own bank. Or you may prefer to go to a physical bank and ask a real person teller to do the job for you. Or any means of fund transfer your bank offers.

Bank transfer would be most convenient for customers in Hong Kong because there is the least go-between parties and the processing is direct. One can do it even in an ATM. We can than proceed to sending your order immediately.

This method is also most important for larger amount import trade transactions, where the international bank fees is relatively lower than PayPal or credit card charges, which difference allow us to better discount the export price.

Bank transfer is not suitable for consumer customers outside of Hong Kong, because the basic bank processing fees for international remittance is relatively high for such transactions.  

An easy option for all customers outside of Hong Kong

PayPal is a most convenient payment gateway for consumer customers and most wholesale importers worldwide.

Whether you have already registered with PayPal or never intend to do so, you can always pay through them with your credit or debit card. Just proceed to check out your shopping cart and when it gets to the payment step, you will be directed to the PayPal secured gateway. All you need is your valid credit card etc. We don't see any of the information when you deal with PayPal, all we get in the end is just a payment notification telling us the transaction and to deliver to you your purchase. 

PayPal logo

PayPal is arguably the most established payment gateway on the internet. In case you want to know a bit more about it before making your payment, you can visit their site here:

However you choose to pay your purchase, remember to select a currency option that best suit you.

Happy shopping!