Product description: Infusion tips

Oolong in a Yixing teapot
Some teas can be rendered very differently using a Yixing teapot. Here, Immortal Double Rebaked, a Phoenix oolong, is put in a matured Yixing clay "Panhu" style teapot.

Basic concept

Each tea has its own material property. To bring out its best in water, each may require a slightly different way of steeping. In this site, we normally refer to this process of tea preparation as infusion. This is a great word to use because it accurately describes the action of transferring the contents in the tealeaves into water to make the liquor that we enjoy as tea.

For enthusiasts and people of the trade, tea infusion for tasting purpose should begin with the British standard and in the detail steps as described in the Tea Guardian: Tea tasting step by step

A little suggestion

For general purpose daily use of tea, please use a proportion of 1 gram of tealeaves to each 100 ml of water and adjust according to your taste preference. 

In the description of each tea, we have included a little suggestion for you in particular reference for the tea, hoping that with some practice, you'll get the best of it and appreciate the taste description that we have written down for it.

Please note that each tea may require different water temperature for its best taste. For a general guideline for infusion, please refer to: 

Tea Guardian: Infusion: Basic Technique
Tea Guardian: On Measurements