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Black teas 

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Black teas

Make it strong to drink with milk, or lemon and honey, or syrup with ice. Prepare it carefully in the gongfu style with a fine zisha Yixing teapot. Velvety and sweet with nothing added. Or steep it lightly in a large teapot for serving the whole gang…

Black tea is as versatile as it is indispensable for many. At Tea Hong, whether it is Red Plum...

Black teas

Make it strong to drink with milk, or lemon and honey, or syrup with ice. Prepare it carefully in the gongfu style with a fine zisha Yixing teapot. Velvety and sweet with nothing added. Or steep it lightly in a large teapot for serving the whole gang…

Black tea is as versatile as it is indispensable for many. At Tea Hong, whether it is Red Plum Classic produced from the leaves of Longjing, or organic Mi from Taiwanese wulong cultivars, the real Lapsang Souchong Pristine from Wuyi, or the Finest Flowery from the Nepalese Himalayas, we want black tea nice. Again. 

We are not happy with plain old English Breakfast or Earl Grey, whatever brand. We want to revive black tea to make it desirable, diversified, and fine tasting. Like it used to be. Before industrialisation. Before plantation. Before forced labour. Before additives.

In the post-capitalist world today, coupled with researches and the sweat and endurances of our producers and their workers, we have learned that it is possible. Tea Hong humbly presents the proud fruits of labour from some of the best black tea regions in this world. You may still keep the habit of putting sugar in your tea, but they are really good enough to enjoy straight.

A new world of gastronomy awaits your discovery.

Some say black tea is a totally fermented tea. Other say totally oxidised. We say it is the process. 

Pluck, wither, curl ( or roll, as some say ), oxidation, heat.

Changes in the variables in these steps, such as duration, internal temperature, manner of curl etc make a difference to the final tea. Some a huge difference. Some put more steps in between. Some repeat steps. That plus different cultivars, different soil, different climate. Black tea can be as diversified as green tea. 

In 1830’s when black tea was invented around Fujian and Jiangxi in China, it was really intended to satisfy an ever expanding export demand. Today, farmers, producers and researchers are trying to make ever better and unique quality over and on top of the now mundane “export quality”. The market has never been better informed after all. There really is no reason for the old teashop on Main Street to continue to offer chopped up leaf bits and various disguises of them with fancy name additives. Or dried petals or fruit bits. 

You deserve better. The pure excitement of diversity in all natural black tea, at Tea Hong. 

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  • Red Plum Classic

    Jiuqu Hongmei (Longjing Black): Red Plum Classic has been produced from leaves of Longjing tea bushes since its beginning in mid 19th century. Because of the nature of this unique use of cultivar, it acquires a very different character from most other black tea: tastes and aromas associated more with berries and plums on a foundation that reminds of the...

    USD 19.10
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  • Mi 2015

    Taiwanese Wulong Black:  The field that Master Chen bought in scenic Huangshan in China is quite many times larger than his family tea farm in Nantou, Taiwan. He has brought with him what he thinks are most important to realise his vision: his Taiwan tea cultivars and decades of experience, to turn this beautiful piece of the mountain into his organic...

    USD 10.10
  • Lapsang Souchong Pristine

    Tongmuguan* Original and Unsmoked: Presenting the original, authentic and prime quality Lapsang Souchong. Small, tightly rolled whole leaves with a black sheen. Non-smoked. 100% hand-plucked first flush. For a pure, fruity sweet and warmly aromatic cup of untainted black tea. Just like how they used to have it in the captain’s cabin in an East Indian...

    USD 27.30
  • Keemun Traditional Supreme

    Qimen Hong Maofeng: Want to know why in the old days Keemun black tea was such a fame in the West? Tea Hong’s handmade traditional quality Keemun Traditional Supreme is an evident you can enjoy now to understand. Rolled meticulously to perfection from whole leaf buds plucked the first time in the year (i.e. first flush), this is a product of the...

    USD 17.10
  • Keemun FOP

    Qimen Flowery Orange Pekoe: Most teas in our collections are "artisan" teas made with intense craftsmanship, but we want also to offer choices that are price competitive yet still in respectable quality. Introducing Keemun FOP, produced by a Chinese government recognised national showcase factory for classic Keemun standards. Everything at top quality...

    USD 9.90
  • Himalayan Finest Flowery

    Nepal’s Finest Orthodox: If black tea from China is too soft for your taste, perhaps this is a good option. While having same level of pleasant flowery character, Himalayan Finest Flowery has a lot more sharpness and strength. The extreme growth environment between day and night, winter and spring, the dry air, and unique minerals in the soil give a...

    USD 7.80
    2 Review(s)
  • Gongfu Black Uva

    Ceylon Handcrafted Premium: The Chinese tradition of black tea processing by hand is alive also in Sri Lanka. Deep in the mountains in Ambadandegama, above the pristine Ravanna-Ella waterfall, in the tea region of the highest reputation, Uva. A small independent organic farm where tea workers find fairness and equality away from exploitative...

    USD 19.20
    1 Review(s)
  • Gold Stallion

    Wuyi Jinjun Mei: Produced using a newly redeveloped cultivar in the deep mountains of Wuyi in the much renowned black tea origin, Xingcun, Gold Stallion may look like a finer version of golden tippy Yunnan black tea, but it actually has a much more sophisticated taste and aroma profile in the grand Fujian black tea tradition. It has only recently been...

    USD 10.30
    1 Review(s)
  • Eastern Fujian Traditional

    Bailin Minhong: Milder and sweeter than the gongfu black teas from its counterparts in Wuyi or most other parts of China, Eastern Fujian gongfu blacks have their distinct position in the spectrum of black teas of the world. Tea Hong Eastern Fujian Traditional is a fine tea suitable throughout the day for enjoying plain for its own delightful character....

    USD 8.40
  • Ava Lokita Pure Black

    New Cultivar Flowery: Ava Lokita Pure Black is a Tea Hong’s very own product developed from a new tea bush cultivar for creating its complex and pleasant taste profile. It offers a delicate floral character without being astringent; tastefulness while sweet. Only the first flush that is produced by the very hands of our appointed master is carried under...

    USD 10.30
    1 Review(s)

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