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by TCM Character

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all substances for ingestion are classified under various definitions of material nature each of which suits different health conditions, times, and environments. To make it easy for our customers who have an interest in selecting tea basing on its TCM nature, we have defined the TCM heat-cold energy inclination of each tea. Hope this may help you enjoy more of your selection and benefit better from tea!


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  • Cold Energy

    Chill out with a hot cup of tea that is TCM cold. Much better for your health than a cold drink.

  • Cool Energy

    Selections in TCM cool energy range maintain the original medicinal property of tea but tone it down through various production processing. Generally the most beneficial for most people.

  • Neutral-Cool Energy

    Teas that are TCM neutral cool energy is a safer range with good enough choice for those who may not feel too comfortable using TCM cool teas.

  • Neutral Energy

    Neutral energy teas are more suitable for very general use and for the broadest range of physical conditions.

  • Neutral-Warm Energy

    A safest choice for the weaker stomach or as a occasional alternative for most people using TCM cooler selections.

  • Warm Energy

    All teas are great for helping digestion. TCM warm energy teas are suitable for most people during food. It is a custom for many to prepare stronger infusion for drinking with small cups after meals as a digestive.