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by Taste Character

A tea that has denser aroma may have a milder taste, while another with lighter aroma a stronger taste, etc. This is just the beginning. The unique taste profile of each tea by Tea Hong is presented for your reference in the product description. However, real understanding comes only through making your own cup and experiencing it!


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  • Lighter Aromas

    A tea can have a fresh, green aroma with accents of blooming flowers or another can be warm, fruity and scents of honey or cooked grains, etc. Their pleasing smells are gentle and calming, nevertheless.

  • Floral Aromas

    It would be difficult to name a flower or a honey with that seductive fragrance, because this naturally developed aroma from within the tea leaves is unique to each tea according to the particulars in production and tea tree cultivars. The only exceptions in this group are the scented teas. Their scents come from fresh flowers.

  • Denser Aromas

    Selections that are roasted or baked relatively heavier have deeper and often very complex aroma. Another category in this group is the pu’ers; the special post-fermentation process they have gone through give them unique aromas none others equal.

  • Milder Tastes

    Feel easy with these teas. They do not command your attention and help you focus. Their good tastes will just blend in to become part of you.

  • Fuller Bodies

    Gourmets’ delights. Steep them lightly for milder tastes, or properly for a discovery of a new horizon for the definition of tea.

  • Stronger Tastes

    Need a perk? Here are things that stimulate.