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A tea that has denser aroma may have a milder taste, while another with lighter aroma a stronger taste, etc. This is just the beginning. The unique taste profile of each tea by Tea Hong is presented for your reference in the product description. However, real understanding comes only through making your own cup and experiencing it!
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  • Yiwu Large Leaf 2004

    Indigenous Tree Shengcha Pu'er: Produced using raw material from Yunnan indigenous trunk tea tree and darkened through optimum maturity, Tea Hong’s Yiwu Large Leaf is not only a fine representation of ancient style dark tea, but also a unique gastronomic experience and a great digestive. Because of our proprietary maturing process, its quality compares...

    USD 21.80
  • Wuyi Meijian 2015

    Red Cloak XI : Like Rou Gui and Shuixian, Meijian has long been a major production cultivar in Wuyi. It has never attained that level of prestige like the other two though. Perhaps because traders want to hide a big secret. It is a major ingredient to blend with other varieties to produce what flood the high end market with labels of Red Cloak,...

    USD 19.70
  • Wudong Cassia 2015

    Rougui Xiang Dancong : Although the name rougui is the same as that variety from Wuyi, this tea is from a pure breed Fenghuang Dancong Shuixian cultivar. Sexual propagation of tea trees does give happy surprises and this is an example of it. Discovered and isolated in 1970 by a horticulturalist Mr Wei and has maintained a low profile to avoid unneeded...

    USD 28.80
    1 Review(s)
  • White Peony Zhenghe 2011

    Browner Style Zhenghe Dabai: Those who prefer white tea as their daily drink but want a bit more stimulations in taste, White Peony from Zhenghe is a great choice. It is air dried for a longer duration from a different cultivar, Zhenghe Daibai. The resultant tea tastes slightly sharper and longer than Silver Needles or Fuding style White Peony. A fine tea...

    USD 7.00
  • White Peony Fuding

    Lighter Style Bai Mudan: White Peony Fuding is a traditional fine quality Bai Mudan from the origin of Fuding. It is a preferred daily tea for its light; sweet, floral and refreshing taste. Others drink it for the health benefits of a fine white tea. Many teashops offer this as the best white tea. We think it is best for the price.Net weight: 30 g (1.1...

    USD 5.80
    1 Review(s)
  • White Peony Classic Long 2011

    Finest Zhenghe Bai Mudan: While White Peony from Fuding tastes more floral, that from the other earliest region, Zhenghe, tastes longer and deeper. The more tedious curing process is marked by the darker colors on the leaves. This is the best and most classical representation from the origin, aka King of White Peony, a favorite by many white tea...

    USD 9.90
    3 Review(s)
  • White Peony Classic Floral

    Finest Fuding Bai Mudan: Slowly cured in the grand tradition in the origin of white teas, Fuding, Tea Hong's White Peony Classic Floral maintains the original character of floral aroma with a sweet, refreshing taste. White Peony Classic Floral is a first flush from a high altitude garden of pure Fuding Daibai cultivar, ensuring the best possible health...

    USD 7.70
    2 Review(s)
  • Tuocha Squares 2010

    Compressed Blended Shu Cha: The good thing about small-size compressed tea is that it comes in as pre-measured doses. The additional process of compressing also gives a slightly different taste profile to the original loose leaf post-fermented tea (shu cha). Tea Hong’s Tuocha Squares are processed in one of the few puer processing facilities that are...

    USD 7.80
    2 Review(s)
  • Tieguanyin Light

    Goddess of Mercy: The natural bouquet of an oolong comes as an integral part of the taste profile, such as that of our Tieguanyin Light. Not only is this coherent “oneness” a factor we tea purists cherish for purity’s sake, but is also perhaps a freshness we all need amongst the overdose of artificiality in modern life. Our Tieguanyin differs from others...

    USD 7.80
    2 Review(s)
  • Tieguanyin Floral

    Xianghua First Flush: The intense and unique bouquety perfume of Tea Hong's Tieguanyin Floral comes from bioactive substances formed naturally upon proper processing of the young leaves from the Tieguanyin cultivar. Enjoy also its velvety texture and smooth taste upon stronger brewing, when you can steal a few minutes away from the hectics of the day to...

    USD 10.40
    2 Review(s)
  • Tieguanyin Deep Brown 2010

    Goddess of Mercy Anxi: A new batch is being rested for fire and will be available soon. Please register as a customer to subscribe to the product newsletter for updates. The toasted sweet wood aroma of Tieguanyin Deep Brown comes from baking of the tea in low fire over times. Fire changes not only the color and taste but also its health nature. Those...

    USD 9.20
    1 Review(s)
  • Tieguanyin Classic Mellow 2005

    Master Zhang's Slow Double Baked: We have matured this special batch of tieguanyin for 9 years before double baking it and then further held it for another year till release. To attain an ideal result from this traditional practice requires proper conditioning and in-depth know how. Tieguanyin Classic Mellow is one of Tea Hong's best value oolongs. Enjoy...

    USD 25.90
  • Taiping Houkui Traditional

    Nie Jian Supreme: For those more demanding connoisseurs who want to enjoy the beautiful and unique appearance of Taiping Houkui, this supreme traditional quality delivers the most enjoyable taste profile of this variety. 100% hand processed and formed from the best quality plucks in its origin, Taiping Houkui Traditional is made the way like it was for...

    USD 14.80
    2 Review(s)
  • Taiping Houkui Premium

    Bujian Special: A very special tea bush — Camellia sinensis cultivar Shidaye — makes this unique looking tea. Each and every tediously selected pluck is carefully flattened between meshes during the slow baking process, giving the appearance of feathers in the cap, literally. We select only the best of these top grades for the fresh, cooling and cleansing...

    USD 12.10
    2 Review(s)
  • Song Cultivar 2014

    Huangzhi Xiang Dancong: Song pedigree tea cultivar Huangzhi Xiang distinguishes itself from others of the same name not only by its living ancestor that has been carbon-dated back to the 13th century (late Song), but also by the elegantly complex taste and aroma of the tea it yields. That is why it is the most revered of all Phoenix oolong in its own...

    USD 49.40
    7 Review(s)
  • Snow Orchid

    Xuepian Lanhua Xiang: Finer winter Phoenix oolongs have always been sought after for their unforgettable natural bouquet fragrances. To us, an aroma of a premium tea has to be complete with a winning taste profile. It has taken us over a decade to fine tune the mastery of the processing of the choicest harvest to attain a result we can be proud of....

    USD 15.70
    3 Review(s)
  • Silver Needle Supreme

    Genuine Baihao Yinzhen: The first ever modern white tea, Silver Needle that came about in late 18th century withstands time as still the highest quality in the category. Produced in the origin of Fuding with the original pedigree cultivar Fuding Daibai, Tea Hong’s Silver Needle Supreme is a high altitude first flush that distinguishes itself with a subtle...

    USD 19.80
  • Silver Moon Himalayas 2015

    Nepali Oriental Beauty : The production of genuine Dong Fang Mei Ren involves a process that is a synthesis of that of a black tea and of a white tea, in addition to bites by green leafhoppers before plucking. Tea Hong’s Silver Moon Himalaya skips the bug part and has instead a superb growing environment under the pristine air and water on the roof of the...

    USD 23.90
    1 Review(s)
  • Silver Curls Spring

    Bai Mao Hou Mellow: Silver Curls Spring is a spring flush harvested in the deep mountains in eastern Fujian. A nice green tea both for its taste and appearance, it can be used extremely flexibly for various needs. This Tea Hong’s basic grade green tea is often placed as a premium one in many other teashops.Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

    USD 8.00
    2 Review(s)
  • Shiguping Wulong 2015

    Rare Indigenous Cultivar: To us, offering the extremely rare Shiguping Wulong is not a challenge enough. We think we should give you the best of its kind. Trekking further deep into the mountain above the elusive main village of Shiguping we found the patch of land which the locals called Liao-xi-ya, where it all began. The tea is softer, yet fuller and...

    USD 29.30
    5 Review(s)
  • Sacred Lily 2015

    Prime of Wuyi Pedigrees: Through years of researches a fine cultivar carrying the best traits of all the finest Wuyi natural cultivars is now mature and producing. Introducing Tea Hong’s Sacred Lily. Perhaps the most beautiful of all Wuyi oolongs. Grown deep in the steep mountains away from the touristy spots and masterfully processed for subtlety,...

    USD 21.90
    5 Review(s)
  • Red Plum Classic

    Jiuqu Hongmei (Longjing Black): Red Plum Classic has been produced from leaves of Longjing tea bushes since its beginning in mid 19th century. Because of the nature of this unique use of cultivar, it acquires a very different character from most other black tea: tastes and aromas associated more with berries and plums on a foundation that reminds of the...

    USD 19.10
    1 Review(s)
  • Red Cloak Grande

    Centenary Bush Dahong Pao: The most revered amongst all Wuyi oolongs, Da Hongpao (translate: Big Red Cloak) from the pure pedigree grown in better horticultural environment mean significant difference and are most sought after. Tea Hong’s Red Cloak Grande is an extremely limited production (10 kg/year) harvested from two second generation noble breed that...

    USD 30.30
    4 Review(s)
  • Raw Reserve 2004

    Shengcha Pu’er Special Blend: Fine pu’er tea produced by darkening shengcha (raw tea, or maocha) naturally through maturity has a distinct and pleasant herbaceous high note. However, it is a tricky process that easily yield nasty tasting products such as those that are so abundant in the market. To deliver the pleasant tasting effect of Tea Hong Raw...

    USD 8.90

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