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All teas can be categorized by the manner and degree of fermentation during processing. Although this change in material nature in the leaves gives each category some common characters, different selections within the same category can be dramatically different in taste and certain health contributive nature.


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  • Green teas

    Freshly plucked young leaves, and/or leaf buds are quite immediately heated and dried to stop any possible enzymic changes that would occur otherwise. A combination of various growing environment, use of tea cultivars and heating processes give variations in styles and tastes.

  • White teas

    The most natural form of all teas: air-dried with naturally occurring very light fermentation for that special taste and extra health benefits.

  • Oolongs

    The gran cru of teas. The richest taste experience and most wonderful aromas are found under this category. Produced with high expertise using special tea cultivars. Very, very different from mass market lookalikes. Most oolongs improves with maturity.

  • Black teas

    Fully fermented teas do not have to be either strong or tasteless. Highest quality ones do not have to be loaded with golden tips. Explore for yourself the diversity that is traditional full leaf black tea.

  • Puer teas

    These are also known as post-fermented or dark teas. We have focused in productions from Yunnan that are generally known as pu’er or pu-erh. A range that appreciates with age, for the taste and for the price.

  • Flower scented teas

    Some of our teas are scented, but only with fresh blooming flowers, such as jasmine. The flowers are then removed so as not to affect the taste or the appearance of the tea, just like what they have been doing for centuries.