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    All teas can be categorized by the manner and degree of fermentation during processing. Although this change in material nature in the leaves gives each category some common characters, different selections within the same category can be dramatically different in taste and certain health contributive nature.

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    A tea that has denser aroma may have a milder taste, while another with lighter aroma a stronger taste, etc. This is just the beginning. The unique taste profile of each tea by Tea Hong is presented for your reference in the product description. However, real understanding comes only through making your own cup and experiencing it!

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    In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all substances for ingestion are classified under various definitions of material nature each of which suits different health conditions, times, and environments. To make it easy for our customers who have an interest in selecting tea basing on its TCM nature, we have defined the TCM heat-cold energy inclination of each tea. Hope this may help you enjoy more of your selection and benefit better from tea!

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    For those of you who care about the idea of organic, we have searched high and low to find these real organic teas, which also pass our requirements for taste and authenticity.

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